What I Was Looking For In A Backpack

I was looking for a backpack that was going to be at least 50 liters, comfortable, easy access for gear and supplies, and must of all convenient. See my goal is to become a backpacker and eventually hike the PCT trail also known as Pacific Crest Trail by 2024. My goal this year is to just start training for 2 to 3 day backpacking trips just to get my feet wet and see how I enjoy the experience.

 I want to be able to progress myself up gradually overtime and not rush straight into into it since I do have health issues I have to take into consideration. Especially if imma be out hiking and camping for a few days, I gotta make sure not only myself but this backpack can carry all my essentails. 

Now I’m 5’4. so not to tall, but the type of body type I have, I was really struggling and having a hard time finding a backpack that fit my body type comfortably. For the type of hiking backpack I was looking for I needed good support and  most of all comfortablity. Think about it, you want whatever 30+ pounds of weight your carrying to feel like a feather and make your experience out on the trail the best ever.

 Last thing you want is to be compalining while everyone else is enjoying themselves and the beautiful views around you, just because you rushed into the wrong backpack and now your neck and back is killing you. Remember, this is what I evetually plan to live out of for almost 6 months, so why not take my time and choose this backpack wisely? Especially if I’m the only one carrying all this gear.

Certain Size + Weight

Luckily after many attempts and me almost giving up, luckily I found the perfect backpack for me, the Deuter 45 + 10 liter backpack. Carring just the perfect amount of weight I was looking for, at a total of 55 liters. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a little big for a day hike, but it’s going to be perfect for a long distance hike or backpacking trip. The fit was not only perfect for my body type and torso, but felt just right on both sides of my hips. With easy user friendly adjustable straps on the hips, shoulders and back, it makes it convenient to adjust to either different body types or to help adjust carrying the weight properly. 

I was lucky enough to have found one to try on at our local REI store, which actually let me try it on with weight. If you can test the backpack out this way, I would highly reccommend it. Why? Well, because without the weight in it, how can you properly see if this can withhold the weight you need comfortably, porportionately, and fits your body type properly. This worked out great for me because they allowed me to walk around for about 20 minutes with 25 pounds of weight. The representative that was helping was absolutely great,  and answered all my questions. 

Comfort Is Most Important 2 Me

Comfort was really the most important factor for me in a back pack. That and convenience, so I was very picky on how I wanted it to fit. I must have tried on over 30 backpacks from multiple stores over a period of weeks and not one did I feel comfortable in, until I tried on the Dueter 45+10 Liter Backpack.  From the minute I tested it, walking around the REI store having it stuffed with 25+ pounds of weight, it felt so comfortable, no strain on my back, no poking anywhere, no discomfort. For the first time, so far I found a backpack that I actually liked and felt comfortable on me. The great thing is, is for the 1st time it fet comfortable all the way around. There was support on my hips, my shoulders, and even my back as well.

The straps come well padded, both in the shoulder straps and hip strap. Making it very comfortable to wear, especially over a long period of time. Easy adjustable straps losening or tightening them to your best comfort. There also is a strap I always use when carrying a heavy load that goes right across my chest, that gives you just that extra support that is needed with the amount of weight you maybe carrying. 

Sufficient amount of padding on the back area to support the weight you will be carrying. It’s not to the point where it’s to much to make you sweat like crazy, since the straps and back part of the backpack was well ventilatied, which really works great in this Arizona heat.

Easy Access To Gear 

It is rain resistant, so keep in mind, this does not mean it is rain proof. It does come with a rain jacket and fits perfectly, so just make sure to always use it when it’s raining. My own suggestion even if it’s sprinkling you want to protect your backpack, so might a well have it available and use it when needed. Now, I have already tried it twice hiking in the rain and it works like a charm. Has very easy access to the rain jacket get to, just incase of a last minute storm. This lower pocket is the perfect size to also include sleeping bag if your camping or backpacking. Or maybe your just going for a long day hike and packed a lunch for the day, it’s the perfect place to put it.

The top pocket is great for storing extra odds and ends, like maps, wipes, first aid kit, etc. The little things you may need quick access to. Pockets found on both side allowing you to bring water bottles or liters of some kind, while also having easy access to your water bladder incase you decide to go that route as well.

Thanks to the very supportive hip belt it helps carry the weight porportationatly, while also providing you with some very handy pockets located on each strap. Especially comes in handy incase you need quick access to your chaptstick, a small compass, gum or even sunflower seeds. Especially if your like me all these extra pockets are a lifesaver, because not all my hiking pants come with pockets. 

My End All Results

Everyone has their own opinion of comfort, but I specifically knew exactly what I wanted and what I was looking for. There was no way I was going to just settle on anything.  Once I tried on the Deuter immediately it I knew I had found the backpack I was looking for. It wasn’t to big, to small, and had plenty of room with all kinds of pockets to store all my hiking and camping gear. Plus, on top of that, making it very convenient for me when imma be on trails on the constant go.

Over time I’ve found multiple different ways to make this backpack work for me and make it as most convenient as possible for when I hit that trail, that way I’m not wasting much time always looking for things. Overall I would rate this backpack for comfort 5/5, storage 5/5, and size 5/5. Is it the best day hiking backpack, maybe not, but if your looking for comfort, convenience, durability, and relieability for a hiking or backpack, I would highly reccoment this one.