Welcome to decidethesimplelife.com. 1st & foremost, thank you so much for visiting our site, & congratulations to you on taking the next step. Now remember, in life nothing comes easy, but we want to not only prove to ourselves but to others that you can truly live in a simple life in this day and age. Take a journey with us as we decide to take that next step to the simple life.


I learned early in life that when you have health problems, the everyday simple things that come across easy to others, wasn’t for me. Suffering from fibromyalgia, costochrondritis, ptsd, anxiety, and depression has took a major toll in my life. By the age of 24, my condition and the environment that I was in had became so bad that I had became bed ridden. Being unable to move, talk, or even walk, I realized for the first time in life how much I took advantage of all the little things I never ever appreciated before. As I was laying in that bed starring at the white ceiling thinking “wow, this is it.” The frustration took over and I told myself if I get thru this I will never let this condition take over me and or define who is am..

Now 29, I can honestly say I have truly never been happier. I have to say I’m truly blessed. To this day I’m still working on me and trying to get back to the person that I was, but one thing I can honestly say is we all go thru something for a reason. It just makes us stronger and defines us more as a person. Now As time goes on I realize more and more how it’s honestly the little things in life I rather be doing than working behind a desk Monday thru Friday 8-5 thru corporate America. I rather explore this beautiful world that right in front of  us. We have one life to live to make our dreams come true, so why wait for it happen and not make it happen today.


I can’t say that this will or will not change your life, but one thing I do know is that the time I have spent outdoors has effected me in many positive ways, my health has made a change for the better, no longer do I feel as depressed, stressed out or anxious. And now I find myself looking for the next adventure even before the last one is over. I want to bring this to others and help them find the path that leads them to want makes them happy and what sets them looking for their next adventure. Whatever that may be rather it be hiking, camping, kayaking, exploring, etc. We’re here just to share our story and hope to be able to light a spark under someone to help them accomplish their goals and dreams in life. This is your time, your chance, to take the time to live the life you have always wanted to so get out and go.


All the best,

Dominic Anderson