Tired of being overweight? Worried about what you looked like? Or just had a hard time finding a diet that worked for you? Maybe it was work, family issues, relationship issues, or maybe even health related issues that took you down that route. Whatever it is, let’s be honest, life is hard, no one gave us a manual on how to live this life. I mean, you been there, you understand. We live in a hyper-critical world. A world that judges you for the way you look on a constant basis.

See, I use to be the one that turned on my tv, opened up a magazine, or see who the newest and latest famous actor or rapper and just become jealous of these people. The way they look, the life they live, it makes you feel sometimes like if your life aient shit because you’re the one dealing with real life issues and in all honesty, they living this perfect life. Think about it, what you think they look like? Are any of them overweight? No. Be honest. How often you really see them look bad? It’s not reality any more, think about it. People are selling a dream, a dream of where everyone wants to get. The dream of looking perfect at all times.

Thankfully, at a certain age, sometimes you just come to the realization that perfect just does not exist. Having the perfect body, the perfect shape, the perfect image, these days technology has fooled us by eye. Because in reality do half these people really look this good? So, being the biggest I ever been, rocking 200 pounds, I knew I needed to do something for me and not for anyone else.

I Had 2 Find Myself

See my goal in all this was just to find hope. Hope in myself, hope in my body, and hope back in my life. I was tired of being miserable, coming up with excuses, and finding ways to avoid being around those I loved the most. Either, I didn’t feel comfortable being me, not feeling well, or just plain out being miserable about my life. I needed a change and as you can see media, social media, or whatever you call it these days didn’t help, at least for me. So, I knew I needed a change, but me being me, I knew I couldn’t do this alone. I needed a partner, a partner in crime to help me. I’ve tried multiple diets in the past, and I’ve never found one that worked. I’m not a picky eater, but I’m Italian, so of course your girl likes to eat.

When I say diets just never lasted me more than a week, I felt it wasn’t because I didn’t try. It’s just after a few days I would feel as if I was starving myself, begin to feel super moody and before I knew I would be beyond hangry. If you’re not familiar with the word, it means you’re hungry and angry at the same time. Let’s just say it’s not a good combination, to say the least. Or I just got tired of eating the same repetitive bland foods day in and day out. So eventually that one cheat day would always turn into another cheat day, which in return would turn into another cheat day. Always telling myself, “you know what, I’ll just start again tomorrow,” but knowing damn well I wouldn’t. I would just go back into my old routines, eating unhealthy on my busy schedule, finding no time to work out.

Then Illness Rolled In

Around this same time, my boyfriend had become extremely ill. He was pretty much bed ridden and was just in the worst shape of his life. After repeated visits to the hospital, seeing constant specialists, and doctors after doctor. We still had no answers of what could be causing this poor man to be so ill. It was just heart breaking to see him as miserable as he was, and there was nothing I could do to help. So, I finally realized I can’t depend on anyone else but myself to find a solution. I did a ton of research, put him on all naturopathic medicine, and decided to do a food taste allergy test, just to see if the docs missed anything. Finally, after almost 6 months we had some answers.

After seeing he’s results, we knew immediately we had to change his diet. We never knew nor understood how important our eating habits could affect our everyday lives’. We’re talking about a man who was 220 pounds,

rarely gotten sick prior, to now a man who is literally throwing up his guts day in and day out. Between not being able to keep any food down, throwing up blood, new symptoms of seizures it was all just getting worse. Plus, on top of that he had no appetite to eat. I mean could you blame him; poor man was miserable and there was not one doctor with an answer to help.

We were all out of choices, and had nowhere to turn to. Our last conclusion was we had to change our diet immediately. Whatever we were doing just wasn’t working, and now knowing everything that he was allergic to, we had to make a point to at least try. Plus, at this point I was the largest I had ever been, so why not attempt to make this diet work for the both of us.

We Finally Decided 2 Go with Keto

This wasn’t a decision we just made overnight. We actually spent probably a good week looking into what diets would be realistic for us. We wanted one that was going to not only work, but be something we can do longer than a week. We wanted to truly but 110% effort into this and be committed to doing this long term. After continued days of research, which felt like a lifetime, Travis came to the decision, that with everything going on in our lives we didn’t want just a band aid to temporarily fix the issue. We needed an end all be all solution. We sure as hell didn’t ever wanted to feel this shitty again. Rather it was due to with our looks or health in general, we wanted to feel good about ourselves again.

That’s when we finally realized we weren’t looking for a diet at all. We were looking for a lifestyle change. A lifestyle change that would help us turn our lives around, and we both agreed. Well, in the beginning, me not so much. I was hesitate, because how can you lose weight on a high fat low carb diet. Isn’t that not healthy? Not good for you? Well unlike most people, who just assume and keep walking, we did our research. We invested our time and money to actually see if this was beneficial.

Motivation We Needed

During this time, we found this amazing guy on amazon who created a book and documentary called Fat 2 Fit, Fit 2 Fat. He was absolutely incredible! All the fears I had, all the doubts that lingered in my head, he answered. See, Drew Manning is a physical trainer located in the Utah area. He wanted to prove to himself and his clients the benefits and effects keto can do for your body. So, what he did is over a period of 6 months he ate as much unhealthy food as possible gaining 75 pounds. After those 6 months was over, he then went back to living a healthy life style the keto way for 6 months to lose the 75 pounds, all while documenting his journey blogging, sharing his exercise routines, Keto recipes, and photos of his transformation along the way.

Now, if you never heard of Drew Manning, please check him out. Any information you may be unfamiliar with or unsure, he will be able to answer for you. Remember, everyone’s experience is different. I can’t say you will experience the same life changing experiences we have. All I know is its worth taking a shot. Throughout the time we have been on Keto now, Travis has lost a total of 70 pounds and myself 40. It’s a working process and we still have a way to go, but what matters in the long run is were happy. Happy with our decision, happy with the food we eat, and happy with the lifestyle we choose. So the question to ask yourself, is…..

“If it’s still on your mind, it’s worth taking a risk…..”

So now you tell me?