Hiking is a way to get outside and reconnect with nature they way we were suppose to. Here are a few to give you some ideas of what you might be able go get from hiking.

  1. Helps you unplug
  2. Helps you loose weight
  3. Improves over all mental health
  4. Makes you more creative
  5. Improves Blood pressure
  6. Help over all fitness and builds muscle

With in the three sections below we will get to know more about hiking as we move forward with our outdoor adventures.

Introductory Guide to Hiking: This is our entry level guide to getting to know the basics of want is need and expected when hiking in the Arizona desert. Our learning process and mistakes our here for you to learn from.

Trails: Here you will find locations to local trails that have been personally completed by Decide the simple life. We will leave our honest reviews of the trails. Time to complete, over all length and best time of year to complete trail. Living in az we try to beat the heat so we will also put our favorite hikes by water as well.

Gear: This will be a list of gear we have tried, kept and have gotten rid of along our journey. We will walk you through our process of getting the gear we have now and how its consistently changing.

This is a work in progress please be patient with us while we get this all up and running more to come.