Best locations in Arizona

Apache Lake

Looking for something a little bit more discrete and not so crowded as other lakes, but a little bit more off-road to get to, but still can access it with a low clearance 2 wheel drive cars. Than check out Apache Lake located off Arizona’s oldest highway. This dirt road off State Route 88, is also known as one of the most scenic roads in Arizona. This gorgeous lake not only comes with multiple entrances with access easy to the lake for camping, water activities or maybe just a quick swim.


Barlett Lake

Just outside of Scottsdale, AZ, 55 minutes from Tempe Town lake you will find a great scenic location also known as Arizona’s best known secret. Known for it’s disperse camping, kayaking, paddle boating, swimming, fishing, or even just to take a boat out for the day. Bartlett lake is full of scenic views, rather it’s the drive to get there or just being on the lake, the views are just breathe taking. Also, depending on the time of the year and how much water there is, there are ton of small private little coves that turn into beaches that you can paddle into and hang out for the day!

Bartlett Reservoir Facts

  • Length: 12 miles
  • Shoreline: 33 miles
  • Capacity: 178,186 acre-feet
  • Surface acreage when full: 2,815 acres
  • Maximum depth: 174 feet


20808 Bartlett Dam Rd
Rio Verde, AZ 85262
United States


Canyon Lake

Canyon lake is a great place to sit back relax and take a boat ride on the Dolly Steamboat, bring a own boat, or just bring a kayaks and paddle boards for a good paddle. There’s not a ton of places to go swimming here, however as a driving past canyon lake, on Highway 88, on a left side there is a small area that allows everyone to go swimming. On hot summer days, these spots do fill up quick, so we recommend if that’s what you are looking on going for, inspect to show up early. Canyon Lake is popular and well-known more for boating and fishing. Now the boat does not have to have a motor, it could still be a kayak or a paddle board, however since this lake can get busy at time, for every ones safety, just make sure to always stay near the shore when paddling. There are very sharp corners and wide turns, so just always make sure to watch a surroundings and stay safe at all times.


Fools Hollow Lake

Looking to get out of the heat, maybe out of the city and go more up North Arizona, than you want to check out Fools Hollow Lake. Located near the beautiful city of Sho Low, this lake is just absolutely beautiful.

Now you won’t find jet skis or loud motorized boats at this lake, since they only allow watercraft to be gasoline and within a maximum of 10 h.p. Swimming, Kayaks and paddle boards are more than welcome, but this lake is mainly summer use only since the water here is melted from our winter snow. So the water of course is freezing cold


Roosevelt Lake

Being the second largest lake in the state of Arizona, at 21,500 acres, this lake has so much to offer. Between fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking, camping plus so much more. Roosevelt’s shoreline alone covers 128 miles, so there’s plenty of water activities here! Now there’s multiple ways to get there, but the one we recommend of course is going to be taking one of the scenic drives to get there. Head down to Tortilla Flats and enjoy one of the most scenic drives Arizona has to offer off State Route 88.


Saguaro Lake

Located near Mesa, AZ, off route 87 you will find an incredible gem to visit. Rather a going to Butcher Jones Beach to
swim, kayak, or paddle board. Or maybe even hit the marina to dock a boat, this lake has so much to offer. With each turn and each curve of the lake, there is another amazing view just around that corner. Depending on how far you go and time of the day, if you paddle past the boyies, you can find some amazing private beaches just to stop to take a break or just relax to take in the views. Between paddling thru different parts of the canyon, seeing all kinds of rocks and different formations, all while still seeing fish jumping out of the water, or giant birds flying above. Seems no matter where you turn there is always something beautiful to stare at.

Saguaro Lake


  • Length: 10 miles
  • Shoreline: 22 miles
  • Capacity: 69,765 acre-feet
  • Surface acreage when full: 1,264 acres
  • Maximum depth: 110 feet

Saguaro lake Marina address:
For purposes of mapping, the address to use is:
14011 N Bush Highway
Mesa AZ 85215

Saguaro Lake Marina Phone:

more information on Current lake water levels  


Tip: Apache lake and Canyon lake get very busy and hard to find parking and Roosevelt lake is more for power boating