Are you still looking for the right hiking gear, but you don’t really know where to start? Well, than you came to the right place. Rather it be for day hiking or even for some small hikes, there are a few essentials you will need. Do keep in mind, hiking does not have to be an expensive activity, especially if your looking to get outside and start this new hobby as soon as possible. Now, your basic hiking gear consists of a few good items such as:

  •  Your backpack of some kind
  • The right type of clothes and shoes you will need

Of course the 2 Most Important items we never hike without is:

*****My basic hiking survival kit***&**Always a good way to stay hydrated while out on the trails

Don’t Settle, Find What Works For You – Backpacks

Backpacks can be a bit tricky when it comes down to getting yourself sized and making sure you are fitted probably. This however, will help you in the long run. Finding a backpack is not always easy and can become frustrating, but don’t give up! There’s a backpack out there for everyone. Just make sure before you are ready to make that purchase you have at least an  idea of what you are looking for. Your probably thinking, come on its just a backpack, but honestly its not. This is holding everything you need from cloths, to cooking ware, food, and shelter. Last thing you want, after a long exhausting hike, is to take every single thing out of your backpack, just to find that one item you needed or just plain out be uncomfortable on your back. I don’t know about you, but that would just frustrate me.

Know What To Wear – Wear Comfortable Clothes & Shoes

When hiking keep in mind, cloths are a seasonal thing. You don’t want to be wearing a down jacket or thermals when its 100 degrees out in the hot summer. So you want to make sure you dress accordingly. In warmer temperatures, you want to keep in mind what you are wearing, since clothes are your first line of defense against the elements. Keep in mind, your layers are everything, because if you start getting to warm you just start de-layering. Also just keep in mind, depending on the time of year, you want to avoid cotton at all costs. And yes, that means underwear too. Your probably asking your self why? Now cotton is great in the winter and colder weather, it helps keep you warm. However, in the heat and hotter temperatures you are looking for more breathable cloths to help you when your sweating.

Out here in the Arizona desert, I like to stick to long sleeve, breathable shirts and pants. Make sure they are light weight, the lighter the better. However, at the same time make sure it provides some kind of protection against the sun. Keep in mind, this protection will also help you avoid skin burns or blisters in the hot, sunny temperatures.

You’re probably thinking, that’s great, summer is all light weight clothing, but remember it does get a lot colder come winter. So for winter make sure you do have your heavier clothing items, especially depending where you live. Now to new hikers this may not mean much, but for the avid hikers, we know every pound counts. So the goal is to make sure you stay as light as possible.

Which brings me to this question. Have you ever heard of down? Like a downfill jacket or sleeping bag? If not, down
is a fine thermal insulator and padding, used in goods such as jackets sleeping bags, bedding (duvets), pillows and more. Great thing is it’s not only super light but also compacts into a small bag allowing you plenty of more space for items you may need.

Now, if your thinking man that is way to expensive. Than, be like me, wait till they go on sale or check our your local thrift shops, local apps that sell items in your area, or even outlet stores. Usually at these places you can find some amazing deals, especially on a budget.

Now for shoes, there are a lot of options out there. Such as: hiking boots, hiking shoes, trail runners and even running shoes. I am pretty sure I have seen people on the trail even in sandals. It really doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as it is comfortable for you. That goes for your cloths as well but remember to always plan for sudden weather changes.

(TIP: I have the pants that unzip at the knee to make shorts, just in case of weather changes)

Basic Hiking Survival Kit –

Our basic hiking survival kit is an essential kit for us. We take this on every hiking, camping or kayaking adventure we go on. It covers all our emergencies that may come up. We recommend each and everyone of you have this every in case of an emergency.

This kit contains everything one would need to be able to survive one night in the Arizona desert:


-Fire starter

-Map and Gps

If you would like more information on this please click the link here:  bedding

Water Is A Must – Stay Hydrated

So many questions on deciding on how to take your water with you, right? Should I use a bladder or a water bottle? Now, they do have their plus’s. You can drink on the go, no stopping to get out a bottle, but the down side is you don’t know how much water you have till it’s gone. Or you can pull everything out of the backpack just to check. They do come in different sizes, starting points usually start around 2 lt or 3 lt bladders, but keep in mind the more water you carry the heaver it gets.

Next option here is your basic water battles. I do like the smart waters the 1 lt bottles that can be reused and the can take a good beating. Best of all, they are cheap. Don’t want to get name brand, than get the Walmart version. It’s not as durable, but it still works. That way when it breaks, you just buy a new and you will not break the bank. You can also use one of those Nalgene bottles. The plus for them is they can hold boiling hot water, which is especially good for keeping your feet warm on cold winter nights. Down side is, they are a little pricey, but they last. Whatever you choose, just make sure you have more than enough water for your trip. That’s one thing you defiantly don’t want, is to run out of water.

Are You Ready For Your Hiking Adventure?

You maybe nervous, excited, or hey, even scared. Not knowing what that adventure ahead of you is always nervous racking, but isn’t that life. Isn’t life all about taking chances. You came this far and researched the basic essentials to prepare for a hike. You can do it!

Take this chance, explore what this world has to offer. You may be amazed at what you discover. Between the wildlife that lives among us, the tree’s that are hundreds feet tall, or it’s roots the are growing out of the ground. Or maybe you just connecting back with nature, getting away from that fast paced environment. Either way, spread your wings and discover what you are capable of. These essentials are just what you need to get you started. So, why wait any longer?

                 If You Never Try, You’ll Never Know.

                          The Adventure Awaits You,  

                                      So What Are You Waiting For……

                                                    Get Out There And Explore