Did you know 70% of Americans deal with some kind of disability? 70%, that’s huge if you honestly think about it! As you know, here at Decide The Simple Life, we are apart of that percentage. We have our own health issues we deal with and know what it is like to be unable to do the little things in life. Such as: being able to go work, bath, make yourself food, or where it’s even gotten to the point where you can’t even get up to walk.

Anyone who has been ill or has someone who is suffering from a medical condition, I’m sure understands or could even can relate in some way. It takes a toll on you, not only physically but mentally. It’s drains you, makes you frustrated, even annoyed at times. The things you use to do on a daily basis are now unbearable to even think of. So, we started redefining our path and committed to making healthy lifestyle changes.

We knew we needed this change, especially something that would cheer us up. Some kind of inspiration, you know that something to look forward too. I mean think about it, you turn on your tv or even browse thru your phone, everything you find is just is so negative these days. Between the news and social media alone, do you ever really hear about great things happening around you? Or even inspiring you to go out and be a better person? Well, not for us at least. Studies have actually showed that individuals who do spend a majority of their time on social media become depressed over time.

Do Your Research

As always we did our research. We needed to find something that could not only improve our health, get us in shape, but most importantly of all, just get us out the house. So we began watching movies, documentaries, youtube clips and even tv shows of other people out there who have medical conditions. We saw how they were not allowing their condition to define who there were, or what they were capable of.

This inspired us! Inspired us to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We just had to put in some work to see it. Wasn’t going to be easy, but we wanted results. We were tired of feeling like crap and having to constantly stay home while others were out enjoying life. We wanted to enjoy it too!

First thing we realized, is we had to change our diet. We came across a movie called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a man who became extremely ill, decided to change his eating habits, started juicing and it actually saved his life for the better. This movie actually made us realize eating healthy is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. We have to choose to better our life ourselves,  rather than relying on a doctor or someone else to advise us to do so first.

Learning Takes Time and Patience

We knew after seeing doctor after doctor, taking test after test, and not feeling any better, it was time to take our health into our own hands.

Now this didn’t happen overnight, it took time. Time we didn’t have. And for us it was frustrating. And I’m sure you can relate. When you’re ill, you wish there was a pill, a drink, literally anything you can take, just to take the pain away and just to be normal again, but there’s not. Your body doesn’t heal or react that way. It takes time, and for us we were the kind of people who wanted instant results, but we had to realize that our body just doesn’t work like that.

So we started slowly. We researched what kind of food starts flair ups with our conditions, what diets were good for us, and what kind of juicing recipes that could help. We started juicing, watching what we eat, and what kind of ingredients was in our food. We changed our eating habits to more of a keto kind of living style. If your not familiar with it it is very similar to paleo or an atkins, but is more of a high fat diet.

Ways To Be More Active

Now that we trying to get our health under control, we needed something to get us out the house. Something that would get our mind off things. We loved taking scenic drives here in Arizona, but needed to find something we could enjoy outside. Especially with the beautiful weather we have. So, eventually, one day during on of our scenic drives, after seeing tons of signs for hiking, camping, and kayaking, we started to wonder. What could we both be possibly missing out on?  What does Arizona have to offer?

At this time we were still unable to do much physical activities, let alone our daily tasks. So, rather than just laying at home depressed, we decided to take small steps into our own hands. We wanted to see if this was something we could actually see ourselves doing. So, like always, we did our research.

We found videos of hikers from just literally everywhere. From day hikers, to backpacking, to then even full hikes. For camping, we found car campers, to backpacking into either at dispersed sites or actual campsites. And for kayakers, we say them kayak in all types of lakes, to rivers, to even oceans. It just blew our minds and we fell absolutely in love with it. We couldn’t believe how much mother nature had to offer!

Stay Within Your Limits

Did you know that every second of every day two people die and 4 babies are born on that same exact second.  Same exact second, seriously think about that? That means in just 1 minute, which is only 60 seconds, 120 people are leaving this world, as 240 babies are entering it.  So the next time you want  to complain or just be a negative Nancy, keep this in mind. Not everyone is as thankful as you are right now just to be alive.

That’s when we realized, yes life is hard and yes it can get really bad at times.  It may be difficult, but guess what? Someone else out there, somewhere, is suffering a whole lot more than us. We’re here, we’re alive, we’re breathing. Some people unfortunately weren’t so lucky to have the same opportunity we are.

Hearing this, and now knowing this, truly made us think. Made us want to live and experience life, rather than just living it thru someone else’s eyes. We wanted to experience what mother nature has to offer and what we were missing out on.  We knew we needed  to build our stamina, and with the way we were feeling at the time we decided it was time to take baby steps. We where able to start off taking short walks. First, just around the house, then eventually to local parks. Eventually once we were healthy enough to get back to work, we were walking on our breaks.

We found the more we walked, the more we fell in love with it! It gave us peace of mind, relaxation, and most of all it made us feel really good not only physically but mentally. We started to notice the days we were not walking we missed it. And if we didn’t walk for a few days, our bodies would actually start to feel the difference.

Can We Do It?

This was all we needed to confirm, that this is actually a lifestyle we could enjoy together. Not only would it get us outside, but also get us to be active at the same time. Now, our only real main concern was is this something we could now take on the trails. Were we ready to be able to make that next big step? Were we healthy enough to be able to do so? Without getting our doctor’s approval, we had no idea if this was even a possibility.

We weren’t even sure if this was even safe for us to do? All these questions left us at a stand still, confused and concerned. Finally we found something that gave us motivation again and the hope to keep us going. But now, thanks to our illnesses, was this just another thing we weren’t able to do because of it?


“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Writer- Dominic Anderson

Editor- Jamie Nunn