We are here to help connect people with the outdoors and getting back in touch with the simpler way of enjoying what nature has to offer. When we found out that the average person is spending over 90% of their time indoors. We then realized that we needed to change something. So we want to shake it up and get people to realize that there is more the just  the day to day task of life. And getting out even for a little bit can have such a huge effect on your health, attitude, and just life.

Here we will share our journey as we discover new hikes, camp sites and places to kayak in the state of Arizona,  So please join us on this journey of many miles of hiking, camping and kayaking and Commit 2 the dream

Outdoor Adventures:

Hiking: is a way to get out and explore areas of your state, town or city you don’t have to go far. A quick trip to the park or a walk by a lake something that gets you out and moving. Here you will find post about our trips and adventures. Gear reviews as well as some useful information we have found along the way.  Click to read more on hiking Guides- Trails and Gear

Camping: lets you escape time and just go with the flow of nature, sit back and relax and just soak it in. We will let you in on our spots that we come across during our adventures as well as some tips and tricks we come up with along the way. Click to read more about camping Locations tips and gear

Kayaking: Living in the hot desert, you have to find ways to cool off. I mean who wants to spend their whole summer indoors? I know I sure don’t and I don’t always want to drive 6-8 hours to go to the closest beach. Thankfully, beautiful Arizona has multiple lakes to offer you opening up a whole new world of possibilities. Now you can experience the water and explore places that you and only the wild life have been able to get to. Here we will paddle are way around and let you know all the cool spots and extra places you can start hiking and camping, rather than just being stuck on land. To learn more, join us as we explore Arizona and the many lakes it has to offer.  Best locations in Arizona  


And coming soon…

Horseback riding and horse friendly trails